Ah my plan was so.... certain to succeed, but yes.. this is one of those articles that DIDNT succeed... at least i didnlt blow anything up. So what did i want to do?

why i wanted to...

UPGRADE MY LAPTOP TO A Pentium III 1000 (or750)

My plan was this. In my laptop i had a celeron 850 on a 100 mhz fsb. I wanted to chuck in a pentium 3 1000 and hoping it would stick at the 100mhz FSB (the p3 is a 7.5 times 133 part) i would have a pentium 3 750. I would have the extra power saving of dropping 100 mhz, but the extra balls of a pentium 3!

I got my laptop...

So innocent... unknowing... and i pulled it apart!!! AAHA we have a socket 370!!!

Yea, its a dodgy laptop that uses desktop parts... trust me.. the battery knows ALL about it.

ANYWAYS.. out comes the celeron 850...

And..... aaah a problem we have hit. The p3 has a metal cap on it!!!

It wont fit with the heatsink assembly inside the laptop.. So i got the scalpel out and cut the cap off. Its just glued there....

And i didnt even cut myself once. So we have a naked p3 1000!

So.. i go to put it in... and it works!!!!

Guess what. It booted. at 1000.... The motherboard in my laptop sensed it was a 133 part and jacked the FSB to 133... but kept the ram at 100. It got hot QUICKLY, and the battery overheated... my plan... was dust.

I had failed miserably. So i put the celeron back in and i slumped and had a coke.

BUT.. in a flash of inspiration, and thanks to a mate, he had a 133 mhz pentium 3 733. THUS i swapped it around with my celeron, and even though the pentium 3 is running at 133, and the ram at 100, this little laptop moves along quite nicely now. However the p3 still takes a bit more current then the celeron ever did, so i may have to change it back yet... I would like to have more then an hour of battery.. at the moment the p3 is sucking power so bad, i get half an hour if i am lucky....

ATM its a pentium 3 733, with 10 gig hard drive and 320 meg of ram. So its a bit of a beasty laptop. But, i really enjoy the whole NO POWER CABLE thing... dammit.

So there.. a upgrade that failed. However i did get the cap of the pentium 3 1 gig, so it may overclock better now!!!

Oh well... L8urs!